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The York County Culture and Heritage Commission, Rock Hill, South Carolina, has released their first sampler reproduction, Ann E. R. Thomas, 1844. They will be releasing more reproduction charts in the near future.

They have also published a book, "Virtue Leads & Grace Reveals, Embroideries and Education in Antebellum South Carolina," which can be obtained from Em-li's at this time. Soft cover, 56 pages, this book is an exhibition catalog, yet more. It describes many of the samplers and discusses the lives of the stitchers. A great deal of reference material is included.

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  Jane A. Jackson Sampler - 1848

Stitch Count 231 by 230

J. Jackson
  Ann E. R. Thomas Sampler - 1844

Stitch Count 193 by 199

  Book: "Virtue Leads & Grace Reveals"
York County Culture & Heritage Commission
Curious Works Press