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Em-li's presents The Vermillion Stitchery, designs by well-known needlework artist Donna Vermillion Giampa.

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  The Wisdom Sampler

Stitch Count 216 by 271

$8.00 n/a
Wisdom Sampler
  Donna's Bar Sampler

Stitch Count 115 by 312

Donna's Family
  Garland Sampler

Stitch Count 203 by 203

Garland Sampler
  Renaissance Band Sampler

Stitch Count 171 by 323

Renaissance Band
  Mary Ann Gibson Sampler No. 1

Stitch Count 128 by 184

M. A. Gibson #1
  Mary Ann Gibson Sampler No. 2

Stitch Count 229 by 231


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M. A. Gibson #2