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For those who love Quaker motifs and samplers, we will be adding other Quaker samplers and Quaker-related items from the Ackworth School as they are released.

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Rebecca Jeffcoat's
Ackworth Sampler
Stitch Count 339 by 283


Sarah Evans Ackworth School
Memory Book
Post Cards, Transparent Sleeves, Motifs

Ann Trump's 1797
Sampler from Ackworth
Stitch Count 376 by 140

Martha Brady's Ackworth Sampler
Stitch Count 267 by 345
Reproduction - 1803
$21.00   n/a
The Companion to
Beatrix Potter's Sampler
Reproduction - 1799
Stitch Count 259 by 328
$21.00   n/a
Sara Moon's Quaker Sampler
Stitch Count 271 by 308
$21.00   n/a
A Token of Love
Postcards with various stamp
designs and charts