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Em-li's has several elegant designs from Kingsland.

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  The Learned Wife Sampler
Stitch Count 119 by 175
One did commend me to a Wife both fair and young
That had French Spanish and Italian Tongue
I thanked him kindly and told him I loved none such
For I thought one tongue for a wife too much..

Learned Wife
  The Phoenix Sampler
Stitched on three colors of linen
Stitch Count, largest 145 by 145

  Tudor Pinks
Appliqued Center
Stitch Count, largest 130 by 130

  Wedding Band Sampler
On Cocoa Brown or Cream
Stitch Count, 91 by 243

  Gather Ye Rosebuds
Mat stitch count 155 by 155
Stitch Count, inner 111 by 111

  Stag's Leap
Tea Dyed joined to Ivory linen
Stitch count 51 by 72
and 60 by 72
  Heart's Delight
Tan and Green Linen stitched together
Stitch count total 108 by 122

Heart's Delight
  Ancestral Wedding Sampler
Band stitch count 100 by 304
Background piece 9 by 31 inches on 28 count
Design count 57 by 81

Bel Pull
Stitched on Shell & Champagne
Total Stitch Count, 122 by128

  Norse Samplings
drawn thread border
Stitch Count 90 by 117

  The Peaceable Kingdom

Stitch Counts:
Chair Seat 125 by 128
Firescreen 182 by 186
Lion 64 by 69
Stocking 122 by 206


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