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Em-li's shows samplers by Lori Bell of Dancing Needle Designs.

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  Songs of the Meadow
The Strathaven Sampler

Stitch Count 85 by 121

Songs of the Meadow
  Friendship Sampler

Stitch Count 83 by 147

  Woodland Delight
Purse, shown front & back
Incl. accessories & charm

Stitch Count 156 by 99

Woodland Delight
  The Eternal Song

Stitch Count 195 by 207

Eternal Song
  Elizabeth's Sampler

Stitch Count 90 by 122

Elizabeth's Sampler
  Fruit of the Oak
Incl. instructions for acorn dying

Stitch Count 102 by 161

Fruit of the Oak
  A Sampler Lover's Nametag

Stitch Count 76 by 122

  A Sampler Lover's Chatelaine

Stitch Count 30 by 172 (left side)
30 by 164
  Elizabeth Huston's Sampler

Stitch Count 164 by 201

Elizabeth Huston
  The Strawberry Basket Sampler
Stitched with wool or cotton

Stitch Count 88 by 88

Strawberry Basket
  Killyleagh Schooler
19th Century Irish Sampler

Stitch Count 162 by 275


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Killyleagh Schooler