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Maria Antionett Carli, c. 1800  

This sampler was purchased from an estate sale in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Its colors and style seem to indicate that it was stitched in that area. Maria has stitched several different alphabets. The bottom of her sampler has a house and a church, which are common motifs, but there are also a weeping willow and two fir trees.

We know the sampler was stitched in 1800, but the last two numbers have been picked out, perhaps to disguise Maria's age in later years. 

Jennett Whiteside reproduced and stitched this sampler. Finished size on 40 count: 11 1/4  x 11 1/4.

Chart:  $13.00 

Maria Antionett Carli

Maria Antionett Carli aged eight years, 
Daughter of Timothy P. and Mary A. Carli. 
Babylon September the eighteenth, 18..

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