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19th Century North Carolina Samplers from Person and Caswell Counties 

This is a collection of four samplers reproduced by Linda W. Janke. They were executed by young ladies of Person and Caldwell Counties, North Carolina.

Susan Whitlow lived in Leasburg, NC. She was about ten years old when she worked her sampler in 1847 and apparently had some trouble turning her s's in the right direction, thus "before another run" really should read "before another sun."

Martha Banks Bradsher (Jacobs) was born in 1824 in Person County. Her first sampler was worked when she was about seven, and her second when she was thirteen.

Eunice Bradsher Jacobs (Winstead, Wagstaff) was the daughter of Martha Bradsher. She was born in 1854 in Person County, and completed her sampler when she was ten, which was during the Civil War.

The stitch counts are:
  Susan Whitlow - 134 by 155
  Martha Bradsher's first - 78 by 181
  Eunice Jacobs - 80 by 180
  Martha Bradsher's second - 212 by 225

Chart (includes all four samplers):  $12.00  


Graphs by Linda W. Janke


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