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E. Davies  

The original of this design is a very interesting sampler. Although it is undated, we have reason to believe it was probably worked in a school setting. On page 9 of House and Garden Samplers by Mary Jenkins is a sampler very similar to this, dated l838 and stitched by Mary Hale.

This sampler is stitched in cross and satin stitch, with a verse stitched over one thread. Our model was stitched on 40 count Cottonfields linen with silk floss in shades of rose, green, brown, tan and rust, and is very true to the original.

Finished size on 40 count is 13" x 16". 

Chart:  $12.00 
Kit:  $81.00 (silk)/ $63.00 (DMC) 

E. Davies sampler

Let praise to our shepherd begin
Who tenderly uses his care
Who came to redeem us from sin
And save us from every snare
His pastoral love we adore
Who clasps so dear an embrace
The souls that his mercy implore
To save them by infinite grace

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