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Engagement Diary
from the Samplers of Ackworth School
Jacqueline Holdsworth


The Ackworth School Engagement Diary
A Token of Friendship
A page per week, from 2006 to 2008, with 12 full color Ackworth Samplers.
Ackworth School photographs, history, daily life, and early memories,
in English, German, French, and Dutch
Measures 7.5 by 9 inches

Price $35.00 plus shipping
We will charge only the actual cost of shipping

Jacqueline Holdsworth has been documenting samplers stitched by the students of Ackworth School for some time...her goals are to provide access to worldwide sampler collections for research and pleasure, to raise funds for sampler conservation, and to promote the appreciation and practice of needlework.

To accomplish one of her goals, she would like to hear from anyone who has in her possession an original Ackworth sampler. If you have one, please send all the details regarding the sampler, and a digital (preferably .JPG) or other image (photo) to one of the addresses below. Anyone furnishing such information will have an acknowledgment (unless they wish to remain anonymous) in Carol Humphrey's forthcoming book on the Ackworth Samplers, to be released in December of 2006.


The Friends of Ackworth Samplers
c/o The Bursar
Ackworth School
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom

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